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Founder's Thoughts Behind ItC

My name is Kashvi Jindal

This project aims to create digital and financial inclusion for the underprivileged sections of society by conducting financial literacy workshops and guiding them on further steps to take to achieve financial freedom. Generating financial autonomy and enabling the underprivileged to avail themselves of the benefits of various government schemes which help in financial inclusion and help them invest in various assets based on their risk profile to grow their wealth.

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On ground impact is the real touchstone for delivery of good governance. ItC plays its bit in democratizing access to financial schemes and hence empowering real change be it in terms of housing, livelihoods, skills, education or sustenance.

Kashvi Jindal-


What do we do ?

We help people in various ways

At Invest the Change, we are building the systems to support a next-gen welfare delivery service at the last mile. With advanced know-how being leveraged by a trained support agent, our model is designed to scale and empower


Scheme Knowledge

Providing know how on the scheme that is most suitable for the beneficiary.


Scheme Eligibilty

Ensuring that the benficiary is eleigible  for the chosen scheme.


Application Support

End to end application support, filling of forms, signature, etc.

School Building

Scheme Benefits

Educating the benficiary on all the possible benefits that they can get.

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