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Meet Turiya Kalyan ITC volunteer from Karnataka

Embarking on a transformative journey is Turiya Kalyan, a high school student from Chennai, India, fueled by her fervent commitment to women's empowerment and economic equality. As a dedicated volunteer, Turiya conducts financial education sessions for Invest The Change in Chennai, aiming to extend this initiative's impact to other cities in the south in the near future.

Invest The Change, recognizing the power of diverse voices and local languages, is introducing volunteers like Turiya in different states. This strategic move aims to bridge linguistic and cultural gaps, ensuring that financial education reaches a broader audience in their native languages. By involving passionate individuals like Turiya, who understand the unique needs of their communities, Invest The Change is creating a ripple effect of positive change that resonates on a local level.

Turiya's efforts exemplify the organization's mission to empower individuals through knowledge, particularly focusing on financial literacy. With a vision to expand across Southern India, Invest The Change leverages local volunteers to tailor educational sessions to the specific needs of each region, fostering a more inclusive and impactful approach to community development.

Join Turiya and others like her on this empowering journey towards positive change, one community at a time.

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