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Kashvi's recent article synopsis on 'Empowering women through education'

In her recent article for ABP Live, Kashvi Jindal sheds light on the crucial role education plays in empowering women, breaking the cycle of poverty, and promoting gender equality in India. Over the past 75 years since gaining independence, the nation has witnessed significant progress in increasing female literacy rates.

The literacy rate for women has risen from a mere 8.86 per cent in 1951 to a promising 65.46 per cent in 2011 and has further surged to 77 per cent according to the government's National Sample Survey report. Despite this progress, a notable disparity between male and female literacy rates still persists and demands attention.

Especially in rural areas, the literacy rate for women remains concerning at 65 per cent. Various challenges contribute to this persistent gap. Early marriages hinder girls' education, as societal expectations dictate that they prioritize household responsibilities once married. Cultural stereotypes also limit girls' educational opportunities, and poverty often prevents parents from affording educational expenses for their daughters.

Moreover, limited access to educational facilities, a shortage of women teachers, inadequate infrastructure, and additional household responsibilities further hinder women's education. Kashvi emphasizes that addressing these challenges is essential to creating an enabling environment that empowers women to pursue education, realize their full potential, and contribute to personal development, economic prosperity, and social progress for the entire community.

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