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Kashvi Jindal: Inspiring girl boss of finance podcast on ABP live

Kashvi Jindal recently had the honor of being featured in a mind-blowing podcast conducted by Niharika Nanda, exclusively on ABP Live Podcasts. The podcast series celebrates the real Girl Bosses of the 21st century, women who have overcome challenges and left their mark on the world through their exceptional achievements.

In one of the episodes of "Ladies First," they had the pleasure of speaking with Kashvi Jindal, a remarkable 17-year-old who is much more than just a student. Kashvi is a budding economist and a dedicated social worker, passionately teaching people about investing wisely and empowering the economically advanced nation.

Her platform, Invest The Change, has been actively working to educate underprivileged individuals about finance and the available government schemes that can provide assistance. Kashvi's journey started with a simple dinner table conversation about finance, but she has since developed a long-term plan to make a positive impact through financial education.

During the podcast, Kashvi shared her inspiring journey, including her remarkable accomplishment of studying finance at Wharton University at just 17 years of age. Her story serves as an inspiration to many, as she continues to set an example for others her age and beyond.

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