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Economic empowerment

Our goal is to simplify and streamline access to government welfare programs, making it effortless and convenient for beneficiaries from economically weaker sections

Invest the Change (NGO)
Financial Literacy

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Beneficiaries live in remote, rural areas and so touchpoints are far.


Limited mobility and public transport. Poor network connectivity.


Low level of literacy. Difficulty in 
comprehending government information.

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Welcome to Invest the Change

Delivering the promise of financial literacy to all

Leading platform to help connect beneficiaries with financial schemes of the government of India promoting financial sustainability 

We aim to make a significant impact on the lives of millions of Indians through our support. Our comprehensive database, comprising hundreds of state and central welfare schemes, is readily available for everyone to use. 

Our solution boasts a range of features, including beneficiary onboarding, a customizable eligibility engine, and an end-to-end application workflow. We also offer extensive data portals and reporting capabilities to ensure trust and reliability in our services nurturing economic justice.

All of this undertaken in the recipients own language (currently 07 Indian languages covered)

Conducting in-depth research on thousands of government schemes to

promote the welfare of communities throughout India. We undertake to - 


​• Matchmake beneficiaries with relevant schemes 

• Streamline onboarding processes for beneficiaries

• Continuous handholding to ensure benefits for the recipients. 

Happy Beneficiaries




₹ 20Cr

Value Benefits 

Testimonials from the ground

Financial inclusion is crucial for promoting economic growth and reducing inequality by ensuring that individuals and communities have equal access to affordable financial services, such as banking, credit, and insurance.

Woman in a Field

Kanta Devi

The team has been very helpful. We did not know anything about the schemes. ItC team helped us a lot.

Indian taxi driver

Nirmal Singh

My kids needed money for their education and we did not know how to help them. The ItC team is a boon.

Indian Man

Jeet Sharma

The ItC team helped me to take advantage of a government scheme to help me offload my loan. 

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Connecting • Elevating • Rewarding

A finance NGO that assists and supports individuals who are unaware of government schemes intended for them.


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